A Flagship Product Born for the Industry

X30 quadruped robot, a flagship product designed to meet core industry needs in multiple fields including inspection, investigation, security, surveying and mapping.

Extra-long endurance quick battery swaps

The endurance has increased by 25%, and the battery supports quick replacement, assuring emergencies in special tasks and industry applications.

Fusion perception strike through darkness

With X30's unique integrated perception, it can autonomously navigate and operate in extreme environments such as darkness, strong light, flickering, and even without any light source.

Rapidly steadily surmount obstacles

X30 can flexibly climb up and down stairs at a 45° angle; it can stably climb industrial stairs, respond to sudden task requirements the first time, and quickly traverse into complex scenes.

Unstoppable operation in Extreme weather

Operate from -20°C to 55°C; IP67 protection.

  • X30
  • X30 Pro

Product specification

X30 Pro

Product specification

  • All parameters are laboratory data, operating in real environment may have differences.


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