ROSbot 2R

ROSbot 2R is an autonomous, open source mobile robot platform based on ROS and ARM64 processor. Reinforced with set of tutorials, manuals, simulation models, Docker images and more, it is a great choice for autonomous vehicles research and learning.


  • Aluminium chassis
  • 4 x DC motor drive
  • SBC: Raspberry Pi 4 - quad-core ARM-8 Cortex-A72
  • 1.5 GHz (ARM64 architecture)
  • 4GB RAM

Sensors & Interfaces

  • Orbbec Astra RGB-D camera
  • 4 x TOF distance sensors
  • 4 x quadrature encoders
  • 9 DOF IMU
  • Expansion header (GPIO, USB, HDMI etc.)

Enhancing AMR development

Our robust, autonomous, mobile robots can be used as a base platform for a variety of AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) applications. Building and scaling your project to create real-world solutions is made easy through the use of simulation models, along with an extensive array of tutorials and manuals.

Go-to platform for ROS Education

ROSbot XL, ROSbot 2R / 2 PRO are autonomous, open source robots can be used as a learning platform for Robot Operating System (ROS). ROSbot offers not just the hardware platform itself but a full scope of educational tools such as: development platform, online tools, simulation models and a wide range of dedicated tutorials and manuals which will make the learning process smooth and efficient.


P2P VPN network dedicated for robots, autonomous vehicles and industrial IoT applications. It allows you to connect your devices without any central cloud forwarding traffic. Think of it as global LAN network for your devices.

Devices with Husarnet Client installed communicate with each other directly, without any “central cloud” forwarding traffic.

Husarnet Base servers are used only when your devices acquire new IP address or join a new network, to help them find each other over the internet.