Create your own robotic laboratory



Kilobot is easy-to-use and low cost scalable robot system for collective behaviour

Khepera IV

Khepera IV is compact, modular robot integrates powerful Linux core, designed for any indoor lab application

e-puck 2

e-puck 2 is small differential wheeled educational miniature mobile robot developed at Swiss EPFL


Mobile phone robotic platform compatible with both Android and iPhone


Elisa-3 is a low cost miniature swarm robot include fast radio, 8 proximity, 4 ground sensors, 3D accelerometer.


This small boat robot is a compact platform for research and education on the water


PingPong is based on a single module named “Cube”. Each cube has its own controller, gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor, origin sensor, stepper motor, servo motor interface and battery.

The latest Unitree-A1 robot is smaller and lighter than the Spot robot dog.  It is equipped with front cameras, which are its eyes which can record everything it sees in real-time in HD resolution.

Robotic solutions to help frail people and their caregivers.


EzyMark is a robotic buoy. It is very light, compact, simple to use and designed to easily handle regattas and other events on the water. EzyMark is a small catamaran with 2 electric motors, one under each hull. On top a large colorful windsock makes it very visible, while the underneath counterweight ensures stability. The onboard computer controls harmoniously and precisely the position.