The whole machine motion control drive library of myBuddy is open, more than 100 control interfaces such as joint angel control,coordinate control,etc. Therefore, users can realise robot motion path planning algorithm research, dual-arm interference avoidance algorithm research, robot vision learning and other artificial intelligence applications development. myBuddy effectively helps developers and students to improve their personal scientific research ability.

Visual Development environment

It can realize the learning and teaching of artificial intelligence grasping. Standard artificial intelligence camera interface. The 45-degree camera below supports area location positioning, 5object and QR code recognition. Another camera Can achieve the face & body recognition.

Creative Journey for Robot players

Open bottom control interface. The potential value, angles, coordinates, running speeds and other interfaces can be controlled freely. It can achieve the application research of dual-arm robots, motion path planning, development of action and visual recognition. A variety of interfaces can meet the multiple applications for the commercial use and educational purpose.

ROS Learning application

The ROS development environment built-in the robot system, it provides a variety of cases in the RVIZ and MOVEIT, such as mobile following, slider control, path planning and other advanced applications. The robot URDF configuration documents are open, so users can make secondary modification development.


Based on different kinds of applications, open-source to its interfaces and enables to achieve objects recognition, facial recognition, image recognition etc.

myBuddy 280 Pi Unboxing



myStudio is a one-stop platform for myBuddy
The main functions of myStudio are: 1) Update the firmware; 2) Provide video tutorials on how to use the robot; 3) Provide maintenance and repair information (such as video tutorials, Q&A, etc.