Compound Robot

It can be equipped with many series of robotic arms to realise mobile grabbing, expand the workspace, and enable it to complete more tasks.

Omnidirectional movement

Competition-level Mecanum wheels, Fully Wrapped Metal Frame, Removable Split Structure.

SLAM Lidar

The built-in mapping and cartographer algorithms for ROS, Real-time mapping and scanning of Lidar, automatic path planning for obstacle avoidance and navigation.

Built-in camera

5 million high-definition camera for object recognition and precise positioning.


The gamepad control supports multi-robots collaboration in real-time.

Additional extensions

Double-sided magazines on the body: increased batteries lengthen the working time; Can equip with the suction pump, and cooperate with the robotic arm to achieve more applications.

Cargo robot

Can carry and transport different sizes of cargo boxes arbitrarily, release your hands.