Limo Series, ROS & ROS2 Educational Mobile robot Platforms

Limo Series

LIMO offers a scalable structure and full compatibility with ROS, making it ideal for projects involving autonomous navigation. This mobile robot is excellently suited for students across various disciplines, including robotics engineering, electrical engineering, and computing. It also serves as an ideal platform for robotics challenges, providing a practical and engaging experience in robotics applications.

LIMO PRO integrates the NVIDIA Orin Nano alongside the EAI T-mini Pro LiDAR and ORBBEC DABAI depth camera. This enables robust environmental perception and intelligence for autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and visual recognition applications.

LIMO ROS2 robot is equipped with an Intel NCU i7 processor and runs ROS 2 on Ubuntu 22.04. This combination offers a robust platform, ideal for research and educational purposes in the field of autonomous mobile robotics.

LIMO Cobot, integrating the Mycobot 280 and Nvidia Orin Nano, is equipped for autonomous functionality. It adeptly supports navigation, obstacle avoidance, mapping, mobile grasping, and visual recognition, making it an ideal tool for educational purposes, competitions, and practical training.