LIMO PRO integrates the NVIDIA Orin Nano alongside the EAI T-mini Pro LiDAR and Orbbec Dabai depth camera. This enables robust environmental perception and intelligence for autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and visual recognition applications.

Advanced Computing Unit

Powered by the NVIDIA Orin Nano, this device boasts exceptionally robust computing capabilities. It enhances stability in multi-sensor data fusion and improves the efficiency of SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) processes.

Precise Sensors

Available with optional enhancements, including the EAI T-mini Pro LiDAR and ORBBEC DaBai depth camera, this device is designed for high-precision mapping and autonomous localisation. It excels in navigation planning and dynamic obstacle avoidance, providing advanced capabilities in diverse environments.

Double the Battery Life

The battery capacity has been upgraded to 10,000 mAh, significantly boosting both power and operational stability. This enhancement ensures prolonged usage and reliable performance.

Multi-Robot Collaboration

This device is designed to support swarm coordination and fleet movements among multiple robots. It facilitates collaborative perception, decision-making, and control, enhancing synchronised operations and teamwork.

Open Source Support

This device is compatible with ROS and Gazebo platforms and supports mainstream programming languages such as Python and C++. It is ideally suited for users looking to enhance or develop a wide range of robotics applications.