Kilobot is a discontinued product and no longer available!

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Kilobot has designed to make tests of collective algorithms on hundreds or thousands of robots accessible to robotics researchers.

Despite being low-cost, the Kilobot maintains abilities similar to other collective robots. These abilities include differential drive locomotion, on-board computation power, neighbor-to-neighbor communication, neighbor-to-neighbor distance sensing, and ambient light sensing.

Also they have designed to operate such no robot requires any individual attention by a human operator. This makes controlling a group of Kilobots easy, whether there are 10 or 1000 in a group. Kilobot has developed by the prestigious Harvard University and it is now distributed by Rahal Technology.

Introduction to Kilobot

Kilobot is a low-cost, easy-to-use robotic system for advancing development of “swarms” of robots that can be programmed to perform useful functions by coordinating interactions among many individuals. These swarms are inspired by social insects, such as ant colonies, that can efficiently search for and find food sources in large complex environments, collectively transport large objects, and coordinate the building of nests and bridges in such environments.Following this inspiration from nature, robot swarms might one day tunnel through rubble to find survivors, monitor the environment and remove contaminants, assist dwindling bee populations in pollinating crops, and self-assemble to form support structures in collapsed buildings. The Kilobot is designed to provide scientists with a physical testbed for advancing the understanding of collective behavior and realizing its potential to deliver solutions for a wide range of challenges.

  • Low cost
  • Small, only 33mm of diameter
  • Fine motor controlling (255 differents power levels)
  • Kilobot can communicate with neighbors up to 7 cm.
  • Neighbor-to-neighbor distance sensing
  • Ambient light sensing
  • RGB led
  • Rechargable and amovible battery
  • Easy to manipulate, with the Kilobot controller you can program andcontrol hundreds of Kilobot at one time.



Kilobot GUI interface (picture on the right) is available for controlling the controller board, sending program files to the robots and controlling them.


The open source development software WinAVR combinated with Eclipse gives a C programming enviromnent. An API with basic functions such as motor speed, led control, distance measurement,… is available and some examples are provided.An online compiler is also available directly on the Kilobotics website.


Kilobot Manuals & Downloads

This section is dedicated to the new Kilobot firwmare based on the Kilobotics version.

All the Kilobot delivered after February 2016 with a serial number above 3000, will be already programmed with this version.

For previous version, the manual and files can be found under the Old Manual / Download section below.

If you want to update your old Kilobot system to the new one, please follow the procedure available here.




If you want to update your old Kilobot system to the new one, please follow the procedure available above





The Kilobot controller board with the KiloGUI interface can manage a large amount of robots at one time.

It can communicate with Kilobots below using infrared light allowing a user to:

  • Send a new program to all Kilobots at once
  • Control the Kilobots such as pausing and powering on/off
  • Calibrating the motors
  • Debugging using the serial port

This action can be done for every Kilobot in an one-meter diameter area below the controller.The Kilobot controller can program an individual Kilobot using the built-in ISP programmer. It can also connect to an individual Kilobot’s serial output header so it can be displayed on a windows computer.

The pack includes

  • One OHC controller
  • One USB CableOne
  • 2-wire Serial cableOne
  • 6-wire programming cable
  • Documentation

User Manual



Kilobot charger is a very usefull tool allowing you to charge up to 10 Kilobots at one time in about 3 hours.

You just have to place each Kilobot between in contact of the charger.

The pack includes

  • One charger
  • Power supply

User Manual


A powerful 3D robot simulator, which features several versatile calculation modules (inverse kinematics, Physics/dynamics, collision detections, minimum distance calculations, path planning, etc.), a distributed control architecture (unlimited number of control scripts, threaded or non threaded), and several extension mechanisms (plug-ins, custom client application, etc.).

It offers a multitude of functionalities that can be easily integrated and combined through an exhaustive API and script functionality. V-REP comes in 5 different versions, with different licensing options for most versions.

V-REP is the perfect tool for fast prototyping and verification, remote monitoring, fast algorithm development, robotics related education, and simulation of factory automation systems. A V-REP plug-in was specifically developed to allow an intuitive, easy and realistic Khepera robot simulation.

New powerful mechanism was developed to allow easy access to V-REP API functions from external applications (e.g. robots): the remote API. It can be bound with Python, Java, Matlab and Urbi.

Software is available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

This powerful simulation software will be freely provided with every K-Team products for education. Khepera III & IV and the K-Junior have their model already created in V-rep for your own simulations.

Source can be also available (subject to specific licensing term and condition, please contact Rahal Technology for more information).



V-REP functionalities throughout versions:

Versions and Features in PDF format is available here.


You can download the educational versions or even the source code on the official V-REP website:

V-REP commercial versions for non-educational: ask a quote at