EzyMark, easy way to mark a regatta field


EzyMark is a robotic buoy. It is very light, compact, simple to use and designed to easily handle regattas and other events on the water. EzyMark is a small catamaran with 2 electric motors, one under each hull. On top a large colorful windsock makes it very visible, while the underneath counterweight ensures stability. The onboard computer controls harmoniously and precisely the position.


  • Extremely light and easy to assemble and place on the water
  • Precise GPS controlled position
  • App to directly control locally your EzyMark
  • Web interface to set the course of a fleet of EzyMarks via Internet/GSM
  • Wish even more "ezy": 1 single physical button "stay here"


  • Weight: 6Kg only, Includ battery and stabilisation
  • Dimension: 50x60 cm of floating surface. 100 cm under the water. 200 cm tall flag
  • Power autonomy 10 hours. or 20h as option
  • Position precision below 1.5 m
  • Wind speed up to 60 Km/h. tested with excellent results ... as soon we get more wind we will test it
  • Repositioning speed 1m/s. Limited for safety but can drive up to 3 m/s
  • Electronics includes a precision GPS, a computer, an heading sensor, GSM, WiFi, BT4, 2 motors controllers, power measure
  • Limited GSM data usage for cheap SIM data plans


  • Wind sensors
  • Differential GPS for precision of 10 cm
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Picture and video
  • Several flag design and colorful bumpers