Autonomous Mobile Robotics

We present some of the world’s well-known educational and research mobile robots use in higher education and research in universities and research centres.

Khepera IV with its Linux core 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 Processor, is one of the best mobile platform for Collective Behaviour, Real-Time Programming, Multi-Agent System, Artificial Intelligence and Navigation.

Kilobot is a robot designed to be used in large collectives. It was developed by the prestigious Harvard University and has designed to make tests of collective algorithms on hundreds or thousands of robots.

e-puck 2 is the latest mini mobile robot developed by EPFL. This is an evolution of the successful e-puck robot used in hundreds of research and educational institutes around the world.

Ned, our new 6-axis collaborative robot based on open-source technologies designed for Education, Professional Training and Research.

With the Niryo Ned, many schools have been able to offer their students to learn Robotics and industry 4.0 directly with a 6-axis robot, open-source and similar in design to industrial robots. Ned is also used in many Research & Development laboratories to test new uses of collaborative robotics.

Meet now its successor, Ned, which has many improvements.

Ned is designed to reproduce all the movements required for the most advanced uses with a precision and a repeatability of 0,5mm.

PingPong is a real IoT modular robot that has various types of models with the SMR (Single Modular Robot) technology.

You can build any robot and create every motion through the small but powerful cube robot, PingPong.

With combination of cubes and links, PingPong is designed to build various types of robot modules. Each cube, embedded its own controller, gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor, origin sensor, stepper motor, servo motor interface and battery cab be controlled by smart devices such as cellular phones and tablet PCs through the PingPong App or by PingPong remote controller.

KOMPAÏ-3 can manage medical parameters and connect with healthcare professionals. KOMPAÏ collects, aggregates, and stores all data from medical devices in the cloud.