Autonomous Mobile Robotics

We present some of the world's well-known educational and research mobile robots use in higher education and research in universities and research centres.

e-puck 2 is the latest mini mobile robot developed by EPFL. This is an evolution of the successful e-puck robot used in hundreds of research and educational institutes around the world.

Elisa-3 is a table-top mobile robot based on a different microcontroller and including a comprehensive set of sensors, the best for Swarm Robotic.

LIMO Series features advanced autonomous mobile robots equipped with high-performance processors like the Intel NUC i7 and NVIDIA Orin Nano. These robots are tailored for precise tasks such as mobile grasping and complex navigation, making them ideal for educational and industrial applications. They support platforms like ROS and Gazebo and programming languages including Python and C++. With capabilities in obstacle avoidance, mapping, and SLAM, the LIMO robots excel in both academic and practical settings, offering a versatile solution for robotics challenges.

Ned2, our new 6-axis collaborative robot based on open-source technologies designed for Education, Professional Training and Research.

With Ned2, many schools have been able to offer their students to learn Robotics and industry 4.0 directly with a 6-axis robot, open-source and similar in design to industrial robots. Ned2 is also used in many Research & Development laboratories to test new uses of collaborative robotics.

myCobot series, myCobot 280, myCobot 320, and myCobot Pro 600 are the most affordable and best choices for education and research.


Crazyflie 2.1 is a versatile open source flying development platform, only weighs 27g and fits in the palm of your hand.

It’s not only a good flyer, Crazyflie 2.1 is also equipped with low-latency/long-range radio as well as Bluetooth LE. This gives you the option of downloading the app and using your mobile device as a controller or, in combination with the Crazyradio PA, using your computer to display data and fly with a game controller.

KOMPAÏ-3 can manage medical parameters and connect with healthcare professionals. KOMPAÏ collects, aggregates, and stores all data from medical devices in the cloud.