NIRYO-ONE, collaborative and open source 6-axis robot arm



3D printed, 6 axis, Open source

Description (NIRYO ONE)

Niryo One, a collaborative and open source 6-axis robot made in France for:

Higher education

Vocational training

R&D laboratoriesIts use is particularly adapted to study robotics and programming in the context of the industry 4.0.

Niryo One is a robot arm created for robotic learning. With its three Dynamixel XL servomotors and its NiryoSteppers, it facilitates the learning of robotics in an environment true to the industrial reality: its 6 axis allow it to reproduce all the movements required for the most advanced uses.

Niryo One's conception makes it precise in complex situations but still accessible. Indeed, the Niryo Education ecosystem is designed to develop robotics, mecanics and programmation skills with educational resources, a community, and a polyvalent software, Niryo One Studio, which let you program the robot with different approaches, from the most intuitive to the most advanced.

How to control Niryo One?

There are many ways to program Niryo One (from high to low level):

  • Program the robot with the learning mode: you can move the robot directly with your hands and tell it where you want it to go. With our free desktop application, Niryo One Studio, you can use visual programming (based on Blockly, similar to Scratch) to program the robot without having any programming knowledge.

  • Use a Xbox controller to move the robot axis directly

  • For developers, you can use the Python API to give commands to the robot using an easy-to-use programming interface. This is also a great transition from Blockly to Python if you are teaching programming. There is a modbus server running on the robot. You can develop your own APIs to connect Niryo One to any industrial device.

  • You can use the digital pins on the back of the robot to make it communicate with other devices, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards. (here's a tutorial on how to connect an Arduino board with Niryo One)

  • For advanced developers, you can directly dive into the ROS code (which is open source on Niryo github account), and program the robot using Python and C++. Watch this to get an overview of the ROS stack used for Niryo One.

End effector tools:

Niryo One is accessible and versatile. To let it interact with its environment, we developed several tools that can be plugged on the universal adaptor on its hand.

  • The Standard Gripper, provided with the Niryo One, is perfect for picking small or thin objects with precision.
  • The Large Gripper is able to pick larger or further objects.
  • The Adaptive Gripper deals easily with fragile items with uncommon shapes.
  • The Vacuum Pump is very efficient for pick and place, allowing you to manipulate items with flat surfaces.
  • The Electromagnet can pick and place small metallic pieces that couldn't be easily grasped by a gripper.

Looking for a personalized tool ? All our STL files are open source and released on Github. You can download them and use a slicer to print them with a 3D printer. Then, you can personalize the robot and its tools to adapt them to your needs.

Additional information:

Weight: 6 kg

Dimensions: 600 × 300 × 300 mm

Description (NIRYO ONE – KIT)

To assemble yourself.

Kit version of the Niryo One robot. Contains all necessary parts to build the robot.

You can find a complete assembly manual on Niryo website.For the Full Kit version (vs the standard – assembled – version) we are not able to do all the integration tests that require a complete assembly of the robot.

Note that not assembling the robot correctly may result in some early problems when you first use it.

Additional information:

Weight5.3 kg

Dimensions: 400 × 150 × 250 mm

Niryo-One Accessories

Description (Large Gripper)

This gripper allows you to pick more larger objects.

The 2 fingers always stay parallel, which ensure that the object won't slide forward.

You can also precisely pick tiny and more distant objects.

Additional information:

Weight: 0.2 kg

Dimensions: 80 × 60 × 30 mm

Description (Adaptive Gripper)

With this gripper you can pick objects that are harder to pick with other kind of grippers, ex : round objects, cup of tea, apple, egg.

You can be sure that the object will be smoothly picked and always in the center of the fingers.

This gripper is perfect for dealing with fragile items, or when the shape is too uncommon. You can also pick hollow objects on the inside (ex: aluminum tube).

Additional information:

Weight: 0.2 kg

Dimensions: 80 × 60 × 30 mm

Description (Vacuum Pump)

Vacuum pump is very efficient for fast and reliable pick and place, and allows you to pick some objects that a normal gripper can't pick. Ex : take out the cover of a flat box, move soda cans from the top, pick and place large objects with a flat surface.

Most vacuum pumps are making so much noise, you just can't stand and work near the robot, it is too disturbing. The pump we've developed is different : it's operating silently, with the same efficiency as a vacuum pump, for the same price. A servomotor actuates a syringe which pumps the air out.

Niryo have also made a custom Niryo box for this vacuum pump !

Additional information:

Weight: 0.2 kg

Dimensions: 80 × 60 × 30 mm

Description (Electromagnet)

With this tool Niryo One can easily pick and place very small metallic pieces (multiple ones can be picked at the same time), which is very hard with any gripper, because grasping such pieces is not practical.

Additional information:

Weight: 0.2 kg

Dimensions: 80 × 60 × 30 mm